Delivering On the Promise of Diversity

Strategic Diversity Masterclass

This online masterclass is geared towards new heads of diversity as well as those heads of diversity who feel their organization is stuck.

Throughout this course you will:

  • Gain conceptual clarity.
  • Understand and adopt universal philosophies.
  • Understand and apply an approach that:
    • Fosters ease of global comparison, discussion, and analysis.
    • Fosters awareness and understanding of the field of diversity, not just its individual dimensions.
    • Is grounded in a universal process for addressing any diversity issue.
  • Understand and build the right infrastructure that fosters the establishment and pursuit of world-class standards.

Course Outline

Delivering On the Promise of Diversity masterclass lays the foundation for Strategic Diversity Management (SDM™). It introduces the universal applicability of the Strategic Diversity Management Process™ (SDMP™) model using the practical experience of the daughter of the original architect who literally wrote the book on SDM™ and a CDO who has leveraged it over a 20-year career across two F50 companies, both nationally recognized as better practice companies for diversity management.


Meet your instructors and review the course objectives.

Session 1

Defining Diversity

Define diversity, diversity management, diversity management capability, managing diversity, and diversity tension.

Session 2

Understanding the Difference

Understand the difference between SDM™, Affirmative Action, and EEO.

Session 3

Getting Started

Get started and construct a stakeholder map with respective roles/accountability.

Session 4

Increasing Competency

Increase your own competence in the history and construct of the universal SDMP™.

Session 5

This is a Honed Craft

Understand and articulate this is a craft that has to be honed: from unconscious incompetence - conscious incompetence - conscious competence - unconscious competence.

Session 6

Developing Diversity Maturity

Move yourself and the organization along the Consciousness Continuum.

Session 7

Avoiding the Vicious Cycle

Avoid the ‘vicious cycle’ and avoid having your organization ‘get stuck.’

Session 8

Paradigms in Action

Organize the work in a universal 4-Paradigm framework and align to organizational objectives.

Session 9

Overcoming Objections

Overcome objections and detractors, position the work as an inclusive business competency and not a set of projects and initiatives. Expand others’ limited definition of what diversity is or isn’t.

Session 10

The Giraffe & Elephant

Meet the organization and individuals where they are. Know where to start, assess organizational and individual readiness.

Session 11

A Consistent Process

Work through a consistent, structured process for addressing any diversity mixture.

Session 12

Asking the Right Questions

Help leaders understand they don’t have to have all the answers, but can drive progress by asking the right 4 questions.

Session 13

Building Infrastructure

Build out the right infrastructure to educate, equip, and empower all employees.

Session 14

Prioritizing Metrics

Prioritize the right metrics and milestones to articulate meaningful progress.


Congratulations! The next phase of your SDM™ journey is about to begin.

Meet Your Instructors


April Thomas  Chief Solutions Officer

As the daughter of the late Dr. R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr., I entered the diversity space ten years ago to steward my father’s legacy, Strategic Diversity Management (SDM™).
Since that defining moment, I have sought to create effective, sustainable business solutions that equip organizations to create environments that work for all participants in the midst of constantly changing requirements and objectives. I have worked on various projects in a range of industries, including banking, hospitality, energy, retail pharmacy, automobile and food manufacturing, education, and not-for-profits.
In my efforts to affirm SDM™ as a timeless, universal approach relevant across every culture, industry, and generation, I support all who desire to expand their SDM capability, wherever they may sit in their organizations or communities.

David Casey  Chief Diversity Officer

I am lucky to have discovered my passion for diversity and equity work early in my life. I often draw upon my adventures in the inner-city as an adolescent when I was introduced to the dynamics of race and racism during court-ordered bussing as an adolescent and later on as a young Marine exposed to new parts of the world during Desert Strom. As a career Chief Diversity Officer, I have more than twenty years of experience in this space, navigating the boardrooms of some of the largest corporations and positioning two Fortune 50 companies as leading-practice organizations. I also have been invited to participate in several White House initiatives, consult with Members of Congress, advise international political appointees and delegations, and speak to a cadre of private-sector corporations, professional associations, academia, and not for profits.
While these professional experiences and opportunities have taught me a lot, I am both energized and motivated by the things I have yet to learn and the conversations in which I have yet to engage. Out of my profound respect for the professional discipline of strategic diversity management, I spend the majority of my waking hours working to make sense of the ever-changing world around us in our personal and professional lives and helping others do the same. The greatest joy in my work is guiding folks through fun or thought-provoking dialogue that causes them to think about diversity in a way that they have never done so in the past.
As I always am driven by the power of learning, I hold dear two guiding principles: first, no one has all of the answers or gets it right all the time, and second, the smartest person in the room is often the one who asks the most meaningful questions. Furthermore, we must have the skill and will to engage in honest, open, two-way dialogue that does not include shouting over or talking past one another. Then, once the conversation comes to an end, we must act because actions always speak louder than words.

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Platform – The Masterclass will be hosted on Kajabi, an online learning platform that is accesible via any internet browser.

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What others are saying about "Delivering on the Promise of Diversity"

"While this masterclass is designed for newly appointed Chief Diversity Officers, it deepens and expands the practice for all who “do” diversity work and, quite frankly, anyone who leads. From the very beginning, there is something new even for those who think they have read or seen it all. What especially makes your masterclass stand out from others is 1) the focus on systems rather than people, and 2) the four questions to ask ourselves, each other, and our organizations, aligned with a four-part framework."

"The SDM™ masterclass is an ideal forum to equip Talent Managers with skills required to be, “World Class Diversity Leaders”. The class guides leaders on a journey to building a strategic roadmap for their talent pipeline initiatives."

"A colleague recently asked me to imagine work environments where HR folx are knowledgeable and skilled in diversity. I didn't have to think long. A high percentage of the unjust treatment people experience would be eliminated. I have not researched it, but have wondered how could this be accomplished? Your masterclass provides a doable framework and more. One challenge I've experienced consistently in my work is the "infamous resistance to change". Having stakeholder support with alignment to business imperatives addresses that. It also helped me realize, that I've often been in spaces where support lacked and so did diversity."

"I have been a student of Dr. R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr. since my entry into the field almost 20 years ago. The time-tested understanding and skills that come from Strategic Diversity Management (SDM™) allow everyone to see where they can engage in DEI in a meaningful and impactful way. Delivering on the Promise of Diversity provides a pathway for every employee to create the conditions for their organizations to thrive. And for me, that is what DEI is all about."

"This masterclass offers an abundance of thought-provoking, yet practical and applicable content, tools and resources for new practitioners, for both those whose organizations need a reboot and anyone accountable for moving the needle on diversity, equity and inclusion within their organization. If you're stuck in the vicious cycle of addressing issues and not systems, this masterclass is exactly what you need to deliver on promises made, but not kept."

Delivering On the Promise of Diversity