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Diversity Leadership Academy

Are you a community or business leader tasked with leading, facilitating, or supporting efforts that serve a community-wide purpose? Do you desire to build a community that works for everyone?
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Is your organization or task impacted by the degree of racial division that has become highly visible? Is your organization searching desperately for useful and sustainable solutions? Are you at a point at which you know you need to take action and have begun exploring possible solutions to the challenges your community faces?

These are tough questions with no easy answers. What will you do?

We invite you to consider sponsoring and participating in a Diversity Leadership Academy (DLA) in your city.

The Diversity Leadership Academy is a training and development experience that provides education and a practical application program for leaders facing challenges just like yours. It has been an experience successfully conducted in cities as large and complex as Atlanta and Indianapolis.

The DLA enables leaders to engage with peers across the community to leverage the knowledge, support, and creativity required to start, complete, and/or enhance the projects for which they are responsible. This process builds leadership competencies and capabilities for constructive dialogue, which leads to a greater depth of understanding, more effective utilization of the diversity in the community, which in turn leads to higher quality decisions and outcomes for the entire community.

Diversity Management is the process of creating and maintaining an environment that naturally enables all participants (regardless of the demographic designation) to contribute to their full potential in pursuit of stated objectives. Diversity Management goes beyond race, gender, and all people demographics. It includes any dimensions that may create challenges for individuals, organizations, or their communities, such as:

Child Welfare Needs




Economic Development

Education Parity

Educational Support services

Food Deserts


Global Partnerships

Health Services

Housing Challenges

Infrastructure Projects

Land Use Concerns

Lines of Business

Neighborhood Services

Policing Issues

Recreational Needs

Small Business Support

Socio-economic Disparities


Traffic and Safety Issues

Workforce Development Programs

Worship Services

These dimensions surface in all strategic decisions any private, public, or community organization must make about its people, environment, culture, businesses, services, needs, and interests of the greater community.

Community leaders (across all sectors, including industry) are rarely afforded the opportunity for a level of development this comprehensive, particularly one focused on diversity management. The course content and architecture of tools, frameworks, and processes in which participants engage, are applied to real-time issues participants bring to the program and which span all sectors and situations. 

Another important benefit is that the DLA experience fosters the creation of a broad network for participants, and mutual respect for the interconnections community progress efforts require.

If you are interested in learning more about the DLA, please contact us by clicking the button below. 

Ask us your toughest question about managing diversity.

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