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Executive Services

Senior leader commitment to - and participation in - the organization’s diversity management strategy is critical for optimal execution, outcome, and sustainability.
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Executive Briefing

This session gives key organizational leaders a game-changing perspective about the business rationale and benefits of taking a strategic approach to diversity management. Leaders discover how the Strategic Diversity Management Process™ bolsters their goals to increase innovation and collaboration, attract and retain key talent, and gain or sustain competitive advantage in their industry.

Strategic Thinking Session

This session puts senior management to work, connecting the Strategic Diversity Management Process™ to the organization’s mission and bottom-line business objectives. They apply the SDMP principles to examine the alignment of their strategies with their preliminary understanding of the organization’s culture. They review current actions and establish a business-driven context for taking future action.

Armchair Culture Audit

This process examines the visible manifestations of the organization’s culture and explores critical  supporting and limiting factors that impact its diversity management efforts.

Executive Coaching

This one-on-one process enables leaders to tap into their personal strengths and work through their key challenges, through guided inquiry, self-reflection and specific assignments which ensure forward movement. By guiding participants in applying diversity management skills to real-time issues, the process promotes on-going development of diversity management capability.