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Interactive e-learning experiences are designed for pre-classroom preparation, stand-alone self-paced study, and post-training reinforcement.
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The Giraffe & Elephant™

This fable helps lay the groundwork for why effective Diversity Management is necessary. It is a provocative platform to encourage difficult discussions about real-time challenges and opportunities that arise when unique entities have to work together to accomplish a specific objective.

Personal Diversity Paradigm™

The Personal Diversity Paradigm™ identifies 4 dominant paradigms (or perspectives) individuals can hold about diversity. The 10-question assessment:

  • Expands understanding of personal perspectives; and
  • Provides ideas to expand individual and organizational effectiveness in managing diversity.

Personal Diversity Maturity Index™

A scenario-based tool that introduces the importance of responding to diversity challenges with sound judgment and clarity. The choices users make in each scenario reflect their ability to recognize diversity mature behavior as it plays out in daily life.

My Diversity Manager™

The My Diversity Manager™ helps users think more deliberately about challenges that that they and their organizations face everyday. This offering helps them make quality decisions – decisions that make a positive difference in efficiency, innovation, and productivity for the organization.

eLearning Debriefs

SDMS 360’s eLearning Debriefs delve deeper into the understanding and application of the eLearning modules. These targeted 2-hour sessions introduce participants to key components of Diversity Management.