So, you want to talk about race?

That's great. Let's talk. Our Personal Diversity Paradigm™ will help start the conversation.
  1. Why do you want to talk about race? Did your team or employees ask for this, or do you think this is the topic of the hour and you must talk about it to stay relevant?
  2. Are you ready for some “real talk” around race or do you want the “kid-gloves” version?  Do you understand what you’re getting into?
  3. Why will THIS time be different?

We’ve been talking about race for more than 60 years. All that dialogue has gotten us…here (a graphic of the cluster that is the US today).

If you believe that simply throwing some training at this challenge is going to bring you the change you SAY you want, let us save you some time and money right now: it won’t.

We’re at that point in the movie “The Matrix” when Trinity says to Neo who is tempted to flee,“You’ve been down that road before, Neo.”

You know what that road is. It’s the one where you’ve done the same thing, year after year, and somehow expected different results? Some people call that insanity.

Why not try a different path?

What do we suggest?

  1. Yes, talk about race. Given the US’s stunted growth in this area, this is always a conversation that needs to be had.  But don’t stop here!
  2. Talk about how race shows up specifically in your organization. How are issues around race (and other diversity dimensions, such as gender, socio-economic status, age, sexual orientation, tenure, etc.) barriers to your employees’ ability to get work done and achieve individual and organizational objectives? What do you do once you ID those barriers? 
  3. Examine your organization’s systems, policies, practices, and behaviors to address and remove those barriers. Transforming your organizational (performance) culture is truly authentic and effective. This is where the rubber meets the road. Talk without sustainable action is only aspirational.

Do this enough times and voilà! You will have an organizational culture that allows all of your members to bring their whole selves to work. That’s how you achieve individual and organizational objectives. You know, the assumed reason you hired them in the first place.

Or you can continue to give lip service to how important race is and how you don’t tolerate discrimination in your organization yada, yada, yada (as you continue to tolerate discrimination). 

If all you do is talk about it – but don’t DO anything about it…you’re wasting your time and money and playing a PR game. 

The choice is yours. Choose the different path. 

Want to start a different path today?

Take our Personal Diversity Paradigm™ online assessment – our gift to you. Simply complete the form at the top of page to get started.

Take our Personal Diversity Paradigm™ online assessment – our gift to you. Simply complete the form below.