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Consulting Services

Our consulting services provide hands-on guidance to plan, implement and sustain a comprehensive diversity management strategy custom-designed to meet the organization’s specific needs.
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360 Progressive Analysis™

This Analysis identifies actions and gaps in 4 core areas of your strategic diversity management plan and provides a baseline for measuring the progress of your diversity initiatives. The 360 Progressive Analysis can help your organization identify a strategy that will transform the way it manages diversity to achieve its business objectives.

Quick Diversity Assessment™

By examining the business motivation for change, current organizational cultural norms and individual capability to manage change, the Quick Diversity Assessment™ identifies a clear pathway for potential action to achieve future goals.

Learn More about the Quick Diversity Assessment™ here.

The Shamming of Diversity™

The late Dr. R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr., in his last published work, described the Shamming of Diversity as the process of leaders, diversity practitioners, and organizations continuing affirmative action policies under the banner of diversity. Diversity becomes a “semantic cover  for affirmative action.” This leads to false starts, re-work, disillusionment, disbelief, and disengagement.

In this three-part interactive, facilitator-led discussion, participants will:

  • Examine three primary factors that keep organizations stuck in the “spinning wheels”  cycle that leads to a ‘shamming’ assessment.
  • Gain a broader understanding of the depth and breadth of a robust diversity management process by examining their personal diversity paradigms and the organizational supports and barriers that impact diversity management efforts.
  • Identify the factors and actions that could shift the status quo of their current diversity efforts to a more credible, effective process with a goal of achieving business-driven outcomes.

Learn more about the Shamming of Diversity™ here.

Custom Services

SDMS 360 provides just-in-time expertise to assist organizations in developing and implementing the needed solutions for:

  • Individual & organizational assessments
  • Strategic Diversity Management Process™ Roadmap design
  • Diversity Council development and support
  • ERG development and support
  • Diversity management measurement processes development
  • Crisis Management
  • Training program design
  • Policies and procedures
  • Strategy/Planning sessions
  • Focus Groups
  • Milestone Monitoring
  • Application practice sessions on real-time issues
  • Organizational Culture Change

Peer Coaching

Participants learn to apply a diversity management tool to examine and address real-time diversity management issues. The process guides them through steps to:

  • Challenge biases and perceptions in defining and resolving issues
  • Explore other possible perspectives, interpretations and options
  • Identify specific actions to take
  • Receive feedback to build expertise within the organization