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Training Services

Our highly interactive education and training sessions focus on addressing real-time issues. They enable all levels of participants to identify practical, sustainable solutions to daily challenges.
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Training Modules

We have categorized our content into 4 stand-alone modules which can be taken individually or in combination based upon client objectives.

Module 1: Building A Case For Diversity

This module clarifies the business imperative for building Diversity Management capability. Using the metaphor of a Giraffe and Elephant, we illustrate and explore the challenges and opportunities that arise when two unique entities are brought together under one roof to accomplish a specific objective.

Module 2: Building Skills & Maturity

Diversity management skills need to be executed in conjunction with Diversity Maturity to make quality decisions that help us get our work done. Module 2 introduces participants to the 8 Diversity Maturity Characteristics required to effectively apply diversity management skills.

Module 3: Applying Effective Tools

This module introduces My Diversity Manager™ (MDM™), a decision-making tool. Users learn a deliberate and reasoned approach to addressing challenges that face them and their organization everyday by prioritizing “requirements” over corporate or individual preferences, traditions and/or conveniences.

Module 4: Sustaining A Success Framework

This module presents an umbrella framework for planning, executing, and measuring the progress of the company’s diversity management strategy. The framework provides the path for a comprehensive diversity management strategy that enables the organization to sustain its efforts over time.

Module 5: Becoming An Effective Diversity Respondent (Bundled Offering)

A ‘How To’ session to increase individual capability to manage increasingly challenging environments more effectively. This bundle includes selected content from Modules 1-4.

Train-the-Trainer (T3) Certification Program

A T3 Certification Program allows organizations to:

  • Build internal capacity to deliver and facilitate Diversity Management Training to all internal stakeholders
  • Develop a cadre of skilled diversity champions who can model and build diversity management capability throughout a geographically dispersed workplace