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Quick Diversity Assessment™

Today’s marketplace is ever-evolving - and at breakneck speeds. How do you prepare today to be the industry forerunner tomorrow?
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Your Challenge

To best position your organization to capitalize on future opportunities and address eventual challenges, you need a comprehensive, strategic process that identifies a clear pathway to your goals.

Your Pathway

Whatever challenges your organization faces, the pathway forward requires that you build a capability to manage the diversity presented by an increasingly complex world. Whether you’re just beginning or you have a diversity strategy in place, the Quick Diversity Assessment™ (QDA™) will help you:

  • Identify future changes in your marketplace
  • Determine your organization’s readiness to capitalize on those changes
  • Assess Leadership requirements for charting a path through the changes

Your Outcome

Upon completion, you will receive our QDA Organizational Report™ which summarizes the findings and recommendations from our analysis. Additionally, each team member who completes the QDA™ will receive a confidential feedback report explaining how well they understand and implement key diversity management practices.

By examining the business motivation for change, current organizational cultural norms, and individual capability to manage change, the Quick Diversity Assessment™ identifies a clear pathway for potential action to achieve your future goals.

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