Breaking Through Challenges with
Diversity Management Tool

Managing Change

Following an acquisition, Fortune 50 company IPC sought to integrate its Information Technology Department. The shared services function leader had to decide whether or not to require all team members to relocate to the Corporate Office Headquarters, where, historically, all members of the team were located. Recognizing that not all the team members would want to move, she spoke with the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) who recognized it as a diversity management challenge.


  • The CDO, recognizing the importance of taking into account the perspectives of all the affected parties, chose to use the My Diversity Manager™ tool to guide the leader through this critical decision-making process. She knew that the process would minimize team disruption and optimize team cohesion and productivity during the integration.
  • She challenged the participants to identify actual mission-critical objectives, as opposed to criteria that were either easy, preferred (by the Leader), or just “the way it had always been”.
  • The participants discovered that the Leader’s initial lens was driven by the belief that all corporate shared services employees should be physically located at the corporate office. The rationale turned out to be based on preference, convenience and tradition rather than real requirements.


After concluding that it was not a real requirement for the technology team to be in the same physical location, the team completed the integration process by assessing how the work would get done best, regardless of employee location. The process minimized disruption and optimized team engagement & productivity.