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Music Mondays™
September 3, 2018

Working Day and Night

Music Mondays: Volume 1, Episode 4 Working Day and Night Written and Performed By: Michael Jackson, 1979 (video)   Welcome back Music and Diversity Lovers to the latest episode of Music Mondays. Diversity DJ here, spinning the virtual vinyl for your listening pleasure. Today is Labor Day. According to Wikipedia, “the holiday honors the American labor movement and the contributions…
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Music Mondays
August 19, 2018

Music Mondays™

Everyone talks about seeing diversity. But did you know we can hear it as well? Join Diversity DJ on Mondays to discover how Diversity Management plays out - literally - in the music of our pop culture. Each week we’ll showcase a song on our virtual turntable, discuss its aspects of diversity, and get our groove on at the same time.…
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