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Diversity: Managing the Marketplace

MLK & Personal Commitment Diversity: Managing DifferencesDiversity: Managing RepresentationDiversity: Managing the MarketplaceDiversity: Managing Workplace Culture
April 4, 2018

MLK & Personal Commitment

I was a Yankee baby, born in Framingham Union Hospital in Massachusetts. But I was raised a Georgia Peach! So I remember marching in the first parade celebrating the MLK holiday; making arts and crafts to commemorate the occasion; traveling up and down MLK to get to piano lessons or my grandmother’s place. But after those days of my youth,…
UPS and Puppy Love Diversity: Managing the Marketplace
November 8, 2017

UPS and Puppy Love

Photo Credit: Roger on Facebook   I recently discovered the Facebook Page UPS Dogs. It contains videos and pictures of the dogs that UPS drivers encounter on their various routes. For someone who loves dogs like me, it is a treasure trove of doggy cuteness. But what do dogs have to do with diversity? It’s all about Quadrant 4: Managing…
Did Google Pop Another Pimple? Diversity: Managing DifferencesDiversity: Managing the MarketplaceDiversity: Managing Workplace Culture
September 16, 2017

Did Google Pop Another Pimple?

Popping the Pimple We all remember being a teenager, right?  When we had a pimple on our face, and it felt like it could be seen from Mars? Truth be told, no one probably noticed it, but we were so distraught. So our response was to pop the pimple, thinking that would make it go away - only to have…